TTH - capitolHere’s where I stand!

Taxes, Government Spending and Jobs

  1.  I will work to reduce government spending and debt.  Out of control spending in Washington threatens our nation’s future, and government has grown too big in Oklahoma too.  You and I live within our budgets.  Government needs to learn that lesson too.
  2.  I will fight for lower taxes.  We work hard for the money we earn and are taxed enough already.
  3. I will support pro-business policies. We must create common sense tax and regulatory environments and make wise infrastructure investments so that our economy can thrive.

Traditional Values

  1.  I will strongly defend our Second Amendment rights. I know the importance of being able to protect yourself and your home. I am an NRA member/gun owner.
  2. I will support the traditional Christian values this country was founded upon.  I believe in moral responsibility. I am 100 percent pro-life, and I will support traditional marriage.

Healthcare and Education

  1.  I oppose Obamacare and government takeover of healthcare.
  2.  I will be a strong advocate for our schools.  Money alone will not solve our problems.  With reform, efficiency and higher standards, our students will succeed.  I am committed to finding a better solution than common core and will work with legislators to establish a new Oklahoma standard. I will support good pay for educators, appropriate local funding of schools, and less red tape.

Transportation and Public Safety

  1.  I support better transportation funding because we need better roads in Oklahoma.  Too much of our transportation related taxes and fees are diverted to non-road uses.
  2.  I will oppose the early release of criminals.  The rights of victims and law-abiding citizens must come first.  People deserve to feel safe in their homes and communities.  I will support the death penalty and smart on crime initiatives.
  3.  I support strong measures against illegal immigrationand oppose taxpayer-funded benefits for illegals.
  4.  I support reform of our welfare laws, requiring work, drug tests and personal responsibility.
  5.  I will fully support our public safety officials who serve our communities every day.

Support our Military and Vets

  1. I support America’s armed forces and veterans. As the daughter of a retired Army officer, it is important to me to make sure those who stood in defense of our freedom and their dependents are taken care of adequately.